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Why Affordable Tooth Implants from Grand View Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Appleton are the Perfect Solution for Implants

Implants have become the most popular alternative cosmetic dentistry in aiding broken or dead teeth. While tooth extraction may be a more affordable option, your friendly dentist at Grand View Dentistry will share the importance of maintaining proper oral health and necessary procedures to avoid further dental damage.

Receiving affordable tooth implants from Grand View Family & Cosmetic Dentistry in Appleton will help with reducing pain and discomfort from a broken tooth. A tooth implant is actually an artificial material that is used to replace the natural tooth that had been lost. With affordable tooth implants Appleton, you get to have the perfect tooth replacement solution at a given budget.

Dental implants are created from various materials. Most dental implants are fabricated out of Titanium to very specific and accurate tolerances. In recent years, monolithic Zirconium-oxide implants have been introduced as an alternative to Titanium for those concerned about the metal used with the Titanium implants.

The crown, or cap, is attached to the implant itself by means of an “abutment”. The abutment can be made out of metal, Zirconium-oxide, or a combination of the two.

Requirements of implants

Good candidates for implants should have sufficient bone density in their jaws. This is needed because the implants have to fuse together with the bone and stay fixed in place after the initial surgery, a process which takes three to six months.

A person may not qualify for dental implants if they have advanced gum disease or if they are a smoker, as these conditions lower the chances that the procedure will be successful. However, not all cases are the same, and a thorough evaluation will be provided to every prospective patient. A dentist and a potential restorative surgeon will look at the patient’s overall health and decide whether or not they qualify for the implants based on these criteria.

If you think that you may be a good candidate for dental implants, you should arrange for a consultation with us, Grandview Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. Implants will have a much higher rate of success the sooner this procedure is performed.

Grand View Family and Cosmetic Dentistry consists of well-experienced doctors like Dr. Stephen Moore, DDS, who has successfully treated hundreds of patients with dental implant-based restorations. Call 920-996-0123 now to book your consultation. You may also visit our dentistry office directly at 381 South Kools St, Appleton, WI 54914.

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