Cosmetic Contouring

Cosmetic contouring, also called enameloplasty or tooth reshaping, is a cosmetic technique that removes small quantities of enamel (the outer shell of the tooth) in order to improve the shape, size, or the surface of your tooth or teeth. Cosmetic contouring can greatly improve the appearance of your smile.

cosmetic contouring

The Benefits of Cosmetic Contouring

This process is an extremely simple and conservative way to improve the overall appearance of your teeth. It is painless since it only affects the enamel, and inexpensive compared to other cosmetic dentistry techniques.

Cosmetic contouring is absolutely ideal for someone who is looking to make minor adjustments that can have a huge impact on improving the appearance of their teeth. At times, cosmetic contouring is a necessary process when it comes to more intricate and tedious procedures such as veneer placement or crown lengthening.

It also improves the health of teeth as it removes any minor imperfections where plaque, tartar, food particles, and cavity-causing bacteria can build up. This lowers your risk of decay and gum disease. It is also often a direct alternative treatment solution to braces as it removes minor overlappings and improves the shape of the teeth.

During your consultation with us, your dentist at Grand View Family and Cosmetic Dentistry will determine if you are a suitable candidate for cosmetic contouring. It may not be suitable for all patients.

What to Expect During the Procedure

Abrasion techniques and dental instruments are used in cosmetic contouring. Dr. Stephen Moore will take dental X-rays before the procedure to help him create an overall treatment plan. Dr. Moore will discuss the treatment plan with you and provide you with an estimate so you can make an informed decision about your care.

During your contouring procedure, a sanding instrument is then used to eliminate or reduce the appearance of irregularities on the surface of your teeth. Once done, the teeth are smoothed and polished. These changes will improve the appearance of your smile without affecting your ability to bite and chew.

The Cost of Cosmetic Contouring

The procedure is comparably less costly than veneers and other procedures used to improve the appearance and health of your smile. As part of your consultation, you will be provided with an estimate for the treatment options available to you so you can make an informed decision about your care. Grand View Family and Cosmetic Dentistry will work with you and your insurance company, or establish an affordable payment plan for your treatment.

To find out whether or not you are a suitable candidate for cosmetic contouring, schedule an appointment by calling us at 920-996-0123 or dropping by our practice at 381 South Kools St, Appleton, WI 54914.

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